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Impressive Features

Design Features Based on your Training Organisation's requirements

Online Student Training and Tracking Tool

Our Online Student Training Tool is a user-friendly, web-based application customised to your specifications. Use eNTP anytime, from any location. All you need is a Mobile Device or Desktop computer and access to the internet. eNTP is perfect for any size Training Organisation and supports traineeship management with enhanced functionality.

Manage Student Enrolments

Manages the entire enrolment process from forms to processing, emails and letters, student ID and more.

  • Complete Enrolment Forms
  • Sign up Students on-site
  • Enrolment Fees
  • Employer Contracts
  • Digital Signature
  • Tick Sheet with core competencies/streams and electives
  • Avoid duplication

Training Plan Management: Lead the entire training plan creation process

  • Allows generic training plan usage
  • Allows changing the competency levels
  • Training plan validation
  • Package rules

Complete Document Management

Manage and Track Student Results

Paperless Reporting

  • Automatically generate reports in a PDF format
  • Email updates and reports
  • Save the document online automatically or locally in user’s computer

Responsive Design

Responsive design, optimised for viewing on any device, mobile, phone, tablet and more so you can have the same great experience you get with a desktop computer from the convenience of your phone.

Moodle Result Automatic Extracting System

The Problem:

Many systems have been designed to run side by side with Moodle. A manual process is required to transfer the information from Moodle into a Student Management System (SMS) via reporting or manually logging into each system and synchronising the results.

Our Solution:

We have designed a system that integrates your SMS with Moodle using an extraction script to automatically transfer the results from the online learning platform into your SMS.


What this means is you can...

Automatically log into Moodle

Easily find the courses which need to be extracted

Automatically find out the elements (quizzes, test and assignments) for all these courses

Automatically download the result .CSV files for all these courses

Automatically generate SQL queries to update the database

All these actions will be performed hourly or daily as you require without lifting a finger